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Commission Info (OPEN):iconskankyplz: | Welcome | Wilkommen | Bienvenue | :iconskankyplz:

-I only accept payment after the commission has been posted
-Keep in mind that I do have the right to decline an order although I will try not to.
-I'm not exactly the fastest artist on the block, so please excuse me if your drawing takes a while, I promise to try and do my best on each one!
Do's and Dont's 
+ Any gender ocs
+ Any gendered pairings
+ I do a lot of things just ask!
- Furries/Animals
- Mechas and muscle things
- Fetishes
- Really old characters
- Pretty complicated designs (I'm sorry my style can't handle too much detail)
- Romantic oc x canon couples (sorry they make me uncomfortable lmao,,,)

Price: 50:points: per head
You can ask for a maximum of 6 heads!
Art trades! :OPEN:Rules: (please read!)
- I will only post after you've posted
Please ask nicely!
- Ill be drawing the equivalent to what you draw me (one character for one character, couple for couple)
- The style will be random,, but its usually just flat w. coloured lines!
- I dont do Oc x Canon,,, unless its like platonic lol
- Please be patient, i do these for fun but if you pressure me, ill most probably lose my muse to draw
- Tell me your favourite dessert so i know you read the rules B) If you don't, i won't consider you lmao
- I do have the rights to decline if i feel uncomfortable/not motivated with what youre asking for!
      AT: Ice Ice Baby by moneysexual
   Collabs! :OPEN:Rules + Info: (please read!)

- I have every right to not accept a collab, so please don't guilt trip me if i dont accept
- Please comment by filling out the form below! I want to keep this as clean as possible
- I will not do this collab if it only involves your character/s. It will either have to include an oc of mine, or it can be canon characters, that part doesnt really matter
- If you offer to sketch, there is a really really high chance ill accept!
Link to my ocs:
Fantopians: (Please befriend them,,)
Kids: (Id love to have them interact with sorta fantasy characters lmao)
Slugoii: (Id love for them to make some cs friends!


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